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When my oldest child could talk he would always tell me, "Mommy why is grandpa always in the hallway". He would tell me when he goes to sleep that Jesus would take him to a place where they would read all the other children stories. He  would tell me, "God really needs you to talk to him!"


He would describe to me what God would look like and all the other beings he would see. As he got older he continued to see spirits, dark shadows, and angels. My second son was able to feel the energy around him, and tell me what was happening to people medically from feeling into the energy. 

Then I became a registered nurse, and it all started happening to me. It was no longer just the children. I would see feathers and hear music coming from no where. My husband would see a golden halo over my head. 

One day I said, "God wants us to move to California!" My husband said "Let's go!" We headed out to California with no plan, no job, 2 kids, left our home and everything we built behind. This move changed my LIFE! 

As we were at a rest stop in Texas, our car broke down. This is where I started to doubt myself. "Maybe God didn't say give up everything and move to a different state. What were you thinking? How irresponsible are you?" 

Long story short, we found 2 men that helped my husband fix our car, but in this process. My oldest son saw the archangels I was praying for to help us. He saw Archangel Michael fixing my husbands car, and he saw Archangel Raphael and an army of angels follow him to make sure we got to California safely. 

They continued to communicate with my son, as our car broke down two more times, but we made it and our faith strengthened. This was the beginning of our new life, and learning as a family to break cycles and to believe in something greater. 



This is where I learned how to develop my own psychic gifts, how to work with the unseen and the shadows. And found myself reclaiming my soul gifts and embodying my power.

The archangels specifically Michael, guided my oldest son to help me find and develop my own gifts. Jesus and other beings would come to me and tell me we would have these special children, and we needed to guide them.



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They would always say, "You are the mother of the new earth children". It is time for you to lead and be the wayshower. 


We had a third child, which was born 3 months early. This was when I saw my first angel with my eyes wide open.  My son lived in the NICU for 3 months, and everything miraculously healed. I suffered perinatal mood disorders, PTSD from a traumatic birth, and shock not knowing if my child would live or survive. 


 I was led on a deep journey to my own healing and embodiment as a healer. I studied many modalities, and went to a perinatal mood specialist for years and years.  I graduated with my RN, MSN in Clinical Nurse Leadership. I am currently still practicing in the acute care setting as a nurse.

This journey has been amazing and full of magical times. I have finally come to accept my soul's mission to guide you on accessing your own soul & gifts. 

Because of my intuitive gifts and experience in healing,  I can find the root of a pattern that is affecting you today and energetically clear your pattern in the Akashic Records. It has made me the mother of the psychics that I am today.


Most of my education has been spent in nursing which has made me very good at understanding the bodies physical and energetic process.


My gifts as an empathic intuitive, I can feel exactly what you are moving through to help you regulate yourself, and align you back on path with your soul.


Trainings & Certifications

As a dedicated practitioner in the healing arts, I have pursued various trainings and certifications to expand my knowledge and expertise. Through these modalities, I aim to empower individuals on their healing journeys and facilitate transformation. Here are some of the trainings and certifications I have obtained

Masters in Clinical Nurse Leadership

University of Arizona

Associated in Nursing

San Antonio College

Shamanic Apprenticeship

I spent years training with a non traditional shaman where we learned to work with energy, dark spirits, curse removals, entity removal, and more.

Reiki Level 1 & 2 

Spirit of Sage Reiki and Wellness

Usui/ Tibetan Reiki Ryoho

Rebecca Thompson

META Master Therapist

Metatronia Energy Therapist Attunement

Tammy Majchrzak

EFT Certification

EFT with The Source Technique Trainer

Akashic Records Reader, Healer, and Coach

Transcend Your Karmic Patterns

Melissa Feick

Level 1 and 2

Quantum Human Design  level 1

Quantum Human Design™ Certification with Karen Curry Parker

Soul Realignment®

Intuitive healing modality utilizing the Akashic Records to unlock our Soul-level potential and clear negative karmic patterns held at Soul-level.

Granja Vortex Method

Granja Vortex Method is a quantum hypnosis methodology developed by hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and Oracle Nathaly Granja. 

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy 

The Embody Lab

New Modality in the works. Will share soon!!

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