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Sick of playing small?
Tired of hiding?
Done doubting yourself? 


Listen, I completely understand and I am here to tell you those feelings are not your fault. In fact our society has programmed us to believe that we are doing the right thing by not believing in ourselves, by not celebrating ourselves, and by hiding our true self. 


But how do you expand into your highest calling, how do you create a huge impact, how do you connect to your highest self when you are too concerned about being and doing what the world says you “should” be doing? 


Babe, I am here to tell you that your success is in meeting your true authentic self & understand how your multi-dimensional being works. This is where your confidence lies, this is where your manifestations flow easily to you, this is the sweet place of inner healing. 


It is time to allow your light to shine, and I mean really bright! So bright you blind the people who said you couldn’t. You no longer need to prove. You just need to shine!

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but we both know there is a big difference in saying you are Worthy compared to actually BELEIVING IT!


That is why this program is different! 


You will use the energetic tools as your rituals to reprogram your subconscious mind and start recreating new beliefs within your being. You will learn my emotional processing technique to move through your process & how to create safety and capacity with your nervous system 


Of course a little cosmic magic to clear lifetimes and lifetimes of energetic patterning you have developed on your journeys.

Melynda here and I have something to say


And I need you to hear this


I am so tired of women being comfortable with where

they are so uncomfortable. 


They feel comfortable playing small

They feel comfortable being stagnant

They feel comfortable not being fulfilled

They feel comfortable in self doubt, shame, and guilt


It breaks my heart



Because I know that you are capable of so much more!


I don’t mean you are capable of your worthiness when you are seen, or free, or satisfied, or accept yourself. 


I mean you are WORTHY right now! Exactly as you are! 


News flash there is not a divine worthy goddess, pointing a magic wand saying You are worthy, you are not worthy. You are worthy you are not worthy


It is just not true. In fact everyone was born worthy!


You are a beautiful energetic light, that is your spirit. There is nothing about you or your spirit that is unworthy! 


You are pure divine love!

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This program is designed to ACCELERATE your path on your journey home. Back to the self you were born to be, your highest self, & your most WORTHY self!


The rituals include: 


Devotion: Honoring your commitment to yourself! Knowing that you are enough exactly as you are. Living your life as the ritual.  


Lead: The ability to lead yourself & the willingness to look deep within yourself with unconditional acceptance. 


Witness: Practicing your rituals to bring safety back into your body and being able to witness yourself & emotions. 


Regulate: Practicing sensing, neutrality, & shifting your frequency to your highest timeline.


Reflect: Devotion to honoring your boundaries, contemplation, and making space for your expansion.

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Creating spaciousness in your being &  Worthiness Queen ritual


You witness your experiences in powerlessness and you embody your sovereignty in the same space


You get clear on how the worthiness wound is playing out in every aspect of your life.


You embrace the fears of judgments and access radical acceptance


You learn “MEET” multidimensional emotional energetic technique. This technique is a process I created to shift your frequency to a higher vibration and complete your emotions


You reflect on your journey and integrate the foundation you have built for your Worthiness Queen

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  • Worthiness Ritual meditation to built your Worthy Queen 

  • Neutrality mini + emotional processing meditation

  • Start your day mini EFT tapping  

  • Timeline -emotional cleansing- commitment tapping

  • EFT tapping for bedtime processing  

  • Worthiness Workbooks

  • Private community for support and questions

  • Bonus content from guest experts & Worthiness level 1 meditations



It is such a rare and beautiful experience in life when you cross paths with a Goddess who embraces not only her own worthiness, but has the innate ability to take others souls and guide them on a magical journey to reclaim their own. Melynda’s Worthiness Container is a conduit for self love and provides the space for a shift in consciousness for how we experience and engage in that self love.  Melynda has engineered a safe and motivating environment, making what could be a scary and treacherous trek into your deepest fears and traumas, feel like a first class flight with all the amenities. Don’t get me wrong - it’s work. YOU have to do the work. But her softness makes it a journey with love and empathy, until you have the ability to hold it all for yourself. I am forever a grateful and changed woman.



The Worthiness container was such a magical, intense, enlightening experience for me. I joined the container after going through one of the darkest times in my life. I had done lots of healing on my own but still didn't feel like I was fully embodying my own worthiness. Somewhere in there, there was this stubborn little voice that still told me I was not worthy of the life I dream of. That voice stopped me from taking opportunities,  created anxiety and worry around whether other people could see my unworthiness, and stole my joy.


This week, a situation at work happened that would've sent me into a tailspin in the past. I found out that I was being blamed for for an issue I had nothing to do with, and it had reached the highest bosses at my job. A situation like this seriously would've sent me into an anxiety attack before the worthiness container. You  can imagine how SHOCKED I was when I realized that it didn't phase me! I felt compassion for my coworkers and what anyone thought of me really didn't cross my mind at all, because it no longer mattered to me! I know who I am, I know my truth, I know my values, I know my WORTH. I was so proud of myself when I realized how vastly different my reaction was. WOW! Thank you Melynda so for the tools, wisdom, and genuine care you shared with us. They have transformed me into the worthy QUEEN that I'd been hiding from myself and the world for far too long. 👑💙



Melynda is a true cosmic mother. It feels so safe and loving in her space and I am so grateful I decided to do the worthiness ritual with her!!! It has been a very transformative experience... especially relationships have been a huge topic for me where I was giving my power away, seeking outside validation and not feeling worthy of love. Since the worthiness experience I have started to embody my queen & goddess self SOOO much more. I feel more confident and I feel like I matured lifetimes... so much stronger, no longer afraid to be in my power and to share more of myself. I give love and appreciation to myself more and I look at myself differently. I see myself as a powerful queen now and feel more confident in the work I do. I have a closer relationship with my higher self now and the Akashic record meditations helped me develop my clear seeing & knowing more. I got super clear visions and insights thanks to these meditations and was able to let go of so much old trauma, also from past lifetimes. Melynda’s meditations are super powerful, every single time!! I also still use the morning clearing meditation very often. Thank you so much for everything Melynda, you are such a wonderful guide & inspiration to me ❤️

How long do I have access for?

You have lifetime access to your modalities. It is your responsibility to download any of the recordings. 

How do I access the modalities?

This is a pre-recorded course. You will have access to all the materials in the website.

How much does it cost?

$222 one time payment

Will these modalities help me?

The modalities and rituals I give to you is to create a new foundation for your Worthy Queen. The EFT tapping is to bring safety to your physical body and rewire your nervous system. The Neutrality meditation at the end of the EFT tapping is to help you create spaciousness within yourself and practice becoming a witness. The Akashic Records will help you see what has been hidden and clear energetically patterns you have been holding for lifetimes.

Do I need to have activated spiritual gifts to access my Akashic Records?

No, all you need to do is listen to me while I guide you through the journey. Whether you see, hear, feel, or know what is happening during the journey it doesn’t matter. Healing will automatically take place.

Is there any advice you have for me if I sign up?

The integration and embodiment of your Worthy Queen lies in your commitment and devotion to the  daily rituals. If you are serious about stepping into your sovereignty and fulfilling your soul’s plan, I would lean into the rituals and support of this container.

How much time per week am I required to commit?

The commitment for your rituals would be at least 1 hour per day. This is an accelerator and is faster paced in order to create a quantum shift. I recommend 30-45 minutes in the morning and 15-30 minutes before bed. 



Stop playing into the idea that you are not enough or you don’t deserve this, to fully expanding into your highest potential with

The Worthiness Ritual Logo.png

There will be 1 live call with Melynda to access your Akashic Records. Date (TBA). You will be able to see how your Worthiness story has affected this life and past lives, and will be able to energetically heal through your lineage, DNA, and multidimensional body.

I spent all my life being who everyone else wanted me to be. I experienced so much trauma from a very young age, my body was always on alert, hypervigilent, and I developed an autoimmune disease at 18 years old. 


I went on to suppressing myself even further and hiding my mental illness from the world. I went on to suffer in pain and perinatal mood disorders with my children. I strived for more and more, and needed to prove my worth to the world. 


I accomplished all my goals. I became a nurse, in fact I graduated with a Masters degree in Clinical Nurse Leadership. We had a brand new house built. I created the 6 figures I dreamt about for years and years and years. I married the love of my life and had amazing boys at that time. 


Only to find myself still feeling empty inside. Still hating myself, still shaming myself, still judging myself. It wasn’t until one day, a nurse pulled me aside and said, “Melynda, You have to be yourself” 


A little over a year after that event, I almost died from an irregular heart rate incident from taking antibiotics. I was completely burned out, lost 20 lbs, and defeated. 


That was it for me! What else did I have to lose? I created all my dreams, but was miserable. I had all the love in my life, but couldn’t receive it. There I was faced with death again, and I saw Jesus. 


He said, “This is it! Your choice! You have asked to end your misery, so here we are. What do you choose?”


The last 10 years of my life I had been receiving these messages and visions from spirit that my mission was to teach others to meet their true selves. And I didn’t believe I was ready, or good enough, or knew enough. In fact playing small and hiding was what kept me safe. 


So at that moment, I had to decide. 


And I chose to live! From that day forward, I committed to my path. The path to myself. To believe in myself. To meet her again. To remember her, and ONE DAY I became her! 


I want to help you meet her too!

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This means by purchasing now you will receive access to The Worthiness Ritual

A 8 week container to rebuild the foundation of your Worthiness Queen. 


This includes 1 live zoom calls (date TBA), weekly modules, EFT tappings, and meditations

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