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“Every time I drop into a container with Melynda I feel deeply held. The messages and insights I receive feel deeply resonate and guide me deeper in my life. I’m deeply grateful for the medicine space Melynda provides. She’s the one of the clearest channels I know and trust her immensely."

Allison, Conscious Marketing + Content Mentor


I went into this just expecting to get a refresh on tapping into my gifts. What I actually experienced was powerful downloads during Melynda’s meditations & literally felt blockages falling away from me. My takeaway from this was that it truly helped me feel as though I moved up another level. I loved it!


I wasn't really sure what to expect signing up for the Clairs 3 day series, i was hoping to gain more insight on how to increase my weaker clairs.

I definitely got some tips that I'm going to incorporate into my life to help strengthen my clairs

I really enjoyed how Melynda explains things.

Thank you Melynda!


When starting the Clairs 3 day series I expected to receive an opportunity to practice with my Clairs & everyday tips for working with my Clairs. Melynda totally met my expectations & more! I liked the exercise of just saying I was the wrong name and I could feel the energy of the lie! That was a powerful exercise to experience discernment! Thank you Melynda for sharing your gifts
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I am the biggest sceptic and when I started working with this woman I couldn’t see shit. I couldn’t visualize anything at all.


Now I’m starting to strengthen my gifts and can see different designs and symbols! I recieve messages so much more easily.

Keisha, Self Expression + Voice Activation


“the things i learned in your program has really embedded within me & i am able to re-anchor myself very quickly. & i'm understanding that embodying your queen self doesn't always mean you're on top of the world every waking moment ... it's just never dimming your own light for anyone & remembering who you are when the world wants you forget.”


“This was such a magical, intense, enlightening experience for me. I know who I am, I know my truth, I know my values, I know my WORTH. I was so proud of myself when I realized how vastly different my reaction was. WOW! Thank you Melynda for the tools, wisdom, and genuine care you shared with us. They have transformed me into the worthy QUEEN that I'd been hiding from myself and the world for far too long.


“Melynda is a true cosmic mother. It feels so safe and loving in her space and I am so grateful I decided to do the worthiness ritual with her!!! It has been a very transformative experience. Since the worthiness experience I have started to embody my queen & goddess self SOOO much more. I feel more confident and I feel like I matured lifetimes... so much stronger, no longer afraid to be in my power and to share more of myself. I give love and appreciation to myself more and I look at myself differently. I see myself as a powerful queen now and feel more confident in the work I do. “
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“I have a closer relationship with my higher self now and the Akashic record meditations helped me develop my clear seeing & knowing more. I got super clear visions and insights thanks to these meditations and was able to let go of so much old trauma, also from past lifetimes. Melynda’s meditations are super powerful, every single time!! I also still use the morning clearing meditation very often. Thank you so much for everything Melynda, you are such a wonderful guide & inspiration to me“
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