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A monthly membership to support & nurture your witch wound & activate your personal power

Nurture the Witch Wound.png
when you start to reconnect, there is a deep knowing within your heart, that she is ready

Her gift is so beautiful! You access profound transmissions. You witness the most beautiful beings. You awaken to this deep sense of connectivity to the world around you. You sense what others need. You speak to nature. You connect to the Universe. The creations are limitless and the possibilities completely open on a different level.


You also awaken all parts of yourself that have been hiding. The part of you that was safe keeping her hidden. The stories to keep you comfortable.
The emptiness of the void &
the darkness of the shadows. 

Nurtured Snake.png
Nurtured Snake.png

It can definitely be confusing.

It can feel overwhelming at times. 

It can be draining. 

It can be lonely. 


When you are on this journey of expansion, it can disrupt your entire flow in your life. Your dreams change, your preferences change, your entire perception changes. 


It can feel very uncomfortable but only because your physical vessel is not accustomed to accessing more light or even witnessing what has been suppressed and denied for years and years and even over lifetimes.

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That is.png
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My intention for the NURTURED community is to provide a safe, nurturing space to awaken your gifts, to create a community where you feel accepted and understood. A place where you can soundboard what you are moving through without judgement. A place to remind you to NURTURE your witch wounds & WAKE HER UP! 


This community is for the soul led humans on a mission to awaken to their truth, their spiritual power, and spread their love out into the world.

This is the last 2 months of a 12 month journey into the Witch Wounds & awakening her with energy work, Akashic Record journeys, and EFT tappings. 



Archetype: Healer

Wound: Imposter Syndrome

Theme: Remember

What is included:

  • 1 Akashic Record journey per month

  • 1 Nurture group community circle

**with opportunity to get certified in

Metatronia Therapy®


“Nurtured has been such and amazing experience! Just in the first month, I have felt so supported and grounded. I feel like I have called my power back to me, and everything is aligning. I’m obsessed with the tappings and do them almost every day! I love that I can use these practices forever!”

“Melynda was definitely sent by angels when I asked for guidance one day. Nurtured & support from Melynda has allowed me to piece together so many unanswered questions. I felt really alone like no one was speaking a language or explaining the spiritual path. Everything Melynda has guided and taught me has been a million pennies dropping at once, & I’ve grown so much in just one month. I don’t know wha I would do without you in my life. I do the tappings daily and receive downloads through the night. Thank you for creating this space and explaining things so clearly”.

“My daily rituals prepare me each day & help me to maintain focus on what & how I should be doing things to be my highest self. I am so grateful for Melynda & her guidance”

“Nurtured has been a beautiful experience that is worth much more than the price tag! The messages that Melynda channels always bring an amazing breakthrough and healing. The tappings literally shifted my frequency every single time. The journeys helped me pinpoint so many beliefs that I wasn't even aware I was carrying. I would highly suggest making the commitment to your healing and expansion by joining Nurtured”



When you join the NURTURED community, you receive access to The Vault. The Vault is supportive tools to support you on your awakening. It is full of EFT tappings, energy healings, meditations, and other modalities I love. 

You will also have access to previous guest speakers channeling the Witch, speaking on expression, astrology, and so much more!

Plus the recorded Akashic Record journeys from the year. 

If you are on your awakening journey and elevating your frequency, then the NURTURED community is for you. This community will provide a safe space to feel seen, heard, and loved. Give your nervous system a little calm and peace, while you continue to expand

into your dreams.


Here is why the Nurtured Community is so important to me, I have been on this awakening journey for the last 20 years. I experienced many traumatic events that left me with depression, anxiety, and intense fears. I hid myself, I isolated, and I ended up punishing my body in the process. 


As I started awakening to higher levels of consciousness and practicing manifestation techniques, I found that as I shifted to the next level I would bring myself back to where I started because my nervous system would become triggered and I didnt have the tools or resources to come back to myself. 

I started to see the patterns my body and mind would play on me as I finished grad school, as I shifted into 6 figures, as all of my dreams started to actualize for myself. Maybe I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I am a registered nurse and that comes with a lot of stress and adrenaline. I found myself wanting to self sabotage, doubting myself, lots of anxiety, and my nervous system would trigger “danger”. 


This is when I started to implement all the techniques I am sharing with the Nurtured community.

These modalities helped me see what I couldn't see, they helped me clear energetically, and it brought safety to my physical body.

The expansion process became easier as I hit the next levels. I was able to sustain this momentum and my body felt nurtured in the process.  I was safe in my body! I was safe in my being! I was safe to be nurtured.

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