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  • Do you have an inner knowing that you are here to use your voice to create a legacy in the world, but you hold back for fear of judgment

  • Have you been previously rejected for being "wierd" or "too sensitive" or have you felt forced to become someone in order to be accepted? 

  • Are you afraid of being called an imposter or having someone else doubt your innate abilities? 

  • Are you the person who channels in every session without even trying, and at the end of the day you are completely tapped out, and have nothing else to give? 

  • To fully accept yourself for who you are and your innate gifts, so you become the permission slip for others to remember their own magic. 

  • To feel safe in your body and confident in your discernment of energies, so you become a crystal clear channel for your clients. 

  • To deepen into your own psychic gifts not only up-levels your own life, but it also contributes to the success you will have with your clients.

  • Everything you are going to learn & experience in this journey, is only adding to your tool box so that you can guide your clients powerfully. 

but what you really dream of is..........


You do not need to meditate for hours on end or be selected by spirit to be able to access your higher self and use your intuitive gifts.

You can learn how to access your gifts immediately. And you can begin applying the concepts in your sessions as soon as you feel ready.


The Clairs Academy
level 1 psychic embodiment certification


This is not your basic psychic development course, The CLAIRS deepens your trust within yourself, so you feel rooted  & grounded in the physical world. 


"At The Clairs Academy, we believe that true spiritual mastery begins with self-mastery. Our core values of integrity, self-honor, creating safe spaces, and embracing humanity guide us in empowering individuals to embody their innate psychic gifts and become the leaders they were meant to be."

This is the PSYCHIC EMBODIMENT you have been waiting for. 

In The Clairs Academy level 1: Psychic Embodiment Certification course, you will learn how to: 


  • Move through your emotional process, so that you can understand your clients better than they can understand themselves (this will put an end to your doubt in your abilities)


  • Learn how to be an energetic master, so that you can finally understand what it means to calibrate to higher frequencies to create the life you desire


  • Become your true self: A DIVINE SOUL gifted with your beautiful body & tools called the Clairs to help you navigate the human journey,  and to remember your connection to the Universal Consciousness.

  • Embrace psychic embodiment, so that you learn to channel your innate gifts with integrity and become confident in your abilitie to help yourself and others.

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Being involved in the Clairs was like watching Roses grow. It can be both beautiful and challenging, however going through it with a group of powerfully charged women was amazing. I am moved by the material Melynda brings to light in the calls, through her consistent support on our group page, and by watching the videos again. I highly encourage anyone wanting to explore your Clairs further to get into this program. You will walk away feeling more empowered than you already are.
The Clairs program was so amazing! Prior to class I couldn't make sense of my world. I didn't understand who I was or why I would create what I do. I also wouldn't tap into my heart when a situation would happen. Now I understand more of who I am! I accept all of my gifts. I feel safe in my own skin.
   The Clairs truly helped me anchor into my self-trust. I feel more confident in my ability to use my gifts to figure out my next move in anything that I do. The practices are amazing to use any time you need them. You learn so much that you can take with you and use forever.


  1. Set the Foundation: Rituals and practices to ground and prepare oneself for intuitive work. Developing emotional intelligence, body awareness, and regulation skills to develop safety within ones body.

  2. Build the Intuitive Channel: Developing one's intuitive abilities, Learning about the 11 Clairs. Building up trust and learning discernment between energy, emotions, ego, shadow, spirit.

  3. Access the Frequencies: Understanding the different frequencies and energies one may encounter in intuitive work, and how to work with them effectively. How to communicate with different energies and feel into your signature frequency.

  4. Receive the Energy: Learning specific tools and techniques for working with energy, such as oracle cards, meditation, spirit guides, pendulum dowsing, & Akashic record readings.

  5. Create Your Song: Integrating and practicing what has been learned, and developing one's unique approach to intuitive work.

  • Live & Pre-recorded modules so that you can access the modules 24/7 & at your own time

  • 3 weekly calls per month that includes:

  • Hands on practice so you feel confident to guide your clients in high level containers

  •  Akashic Record journeys so that you heal past timelines, ancestral wounds, & experiences holding you back from trusting your intuitive psychic gifts 

  • Quarterly Attunements so that you open your energetic body up to more light and increase your sensitivities to receive guidance

  • Q&A sessions so that you have all your questions answered as you move through each process

  • Facebook community for questions, feedback, and shares so that you feel safe and supported in a community of like minded women




The days of believing only “chosen people” can have psychic gifts and emotional clarity are behind you. 


It is time to stop doubting and it is time to start believing in yourself


Your voice is needed


You are a lighthouse and the world is in darkness right now 


You don’t have those big dreams because its just your vivid imagination 


Accessing your innate ancient technology is what your soul is waiting for


The world  is waiting for you 


Learning how to alchemize energy and move your emotions is your birthright


You are not just a human


You are also divine


You have access to the Divine Universal Intelligence

Melynda has been the most powerful guide in regards to tapping into my highest self & records. She helps me go deeper, faster. I love her calm, clear energy. She’s caring, but also has a no bs vibe that I love.
The first time I heard Melynda talking during a live interview I knew I would be learning from her. Any group or class I have been involved with has been an additional piece added to my spiritual toolbox. Especially with the Clairs. I truly enjoy the group meetings and how open she is with how she’s learned what she is teaching. I definitely expanded in my understanding of my Clairs and how to ethically use them in my practice. Melynda is a bad ass boss.”
”Being in any container I have experienced with Melynda is truly and time and space where your soul feels heard, seen and felt. Her raw authentic self she brings forth helps others step into theirs which is magical. She is always so honest and invites you to challenge yourself through expansion. I respect her, her work and what she is doing for each individual she works with. I highly recommend any of her offerings because they will lead you deeper in tune with yourself.”

Hi I’m Melynda! 

I help spiritual entrepreneurs to heal their witch wounds so they get highly paid to share their gifts.

The reason I am great at what I do is because of my gifts as a highly sensitive, psychic healer and registered nurse for the last 12 years. Because of my gifts I can find the root of a pattern that is affecting you today and energetically clear your pattern in the Akashic Records. It has made me the go to healer for entrepreneurs and teacher in intuition development.


Most of my education has been spent in nursing which has made me very good at understanding the bodies physical and energetic process. My gifts as an empathic intuitive, I can put into words what you are physically and energetically experiencing so you can move thru a process to regulate yourself, and align you back on path with your soul.




I’ve spent the last 24 years diving into the spiritual realm with my children when they started to see and feel angels and dark shadows. This is where I learned how to develop my own psychic gifts, how to work with the unseen and the shadows. And found myself reclaiming my soul gifts and embodying my power which is what I help people to do now. I received training in everything from Shamanism, to several modalities in the Akashic Records, astrology, human design, hypnosis, somatic trauma therapy, and energy healing modalities, and all of these modalities has helped me to access the physical and energetic worlds to know exactly how to navigate the darkest shadows.


While you are on your journey, I believe that the most difficult thing about being where you are is once you say YES to stepping into your soul calling of a spiritual entrepreneur, you step into another level of awakening. That is so intimately woven together. You have to be seen! You have to share your truth! You have to face all of those dark little secrets. Entrepreneurship and your spiritual journey are so intimately woven together, the growth edges in both worlds will either support your isolation or support your expansion.

Here is what a few of my clients say about my work:




"Melynda helped regulate my nervous system and released heavy emotions and anxiety I've held onto for years. She has changed my life. She has helped me tap into my intuition & inner power to take actions towards the life of my dreams."
 "Melynda holds such a powerful space and is truly embodied in her work. she is one of the best out there when it comes to akashic records, opening your third eye, or for any thing witchy in between. Her intuition is always on point."
"Melynda creates a space where your soul feels heard, seen, and felt. Her raw authentic self she brings forth helped me step into my magic. She is always so honest and invites you to challenge yourself through expansion. I respect he. and she will lead you to deeper tune in with yourself".

Psychic Embodiment (noun): that refers to the state of fully embodying and integrating one's psychic gifts and abilities into their physical and emotional being. It involves developing a deep understanding and connection with oneself, mastering emotional intelligence, and learning how to communicate with energy. It also includes feeling regulated and grounded in the body while embracing the human experience instead of solely focusing on the spiritual plane.


Psychic Embodiment is the end goal of The Clairs Academy program, where individuals learn to channel their innate gifts with integrity and become confident in their abilities to help themselves and others.





I already feel connected to 1 or 2 of my gifts. Is this program still for me?

Yes this program is for everyone that wants to strengthen their Clairs regardless if you have access to your vision, hearing, feeling, or sensing. There are 11 Clairs in total and we are going to be learning and practicing how to use ALL of them.


Will this help me in my business?

YES! You will have live interaction and practice to utilize your gifts in this container. So that you feel confident in your ability to practice it in real time in your business.


What do I need to do to receive The Clairs Academy level 1: Psychic Embodiment certification

This certificate is not accredited, but represents your dedication to The Clairs Academy and commitment to yourself.


You will receive a certification from Love Melynda once you finish Level 1 programming and completed 5 readings outside of your Clair community. Your clients will need to fill out a survey of your reading. 


Can I get a refund if I don’t want to continue forward?

There will be no refunds or cancellations granted once the program has started. If you have further questions on the program, please feel free to contact Melynda at


Do I need to have access to any of my Clairs to be able to participate or do the Akashic Record Journeys?

NO! Even if this is the beginning of your journey, that is perfect. You will strengthen your gifts as you go.


What if I don’t have time to come to the live calls?

Obviously, I prefer you to attend live to practice and be in the energy of the group. You will have access to all the replays and will be able to do it on your own time as well.


What does BETA round mean? 

July 2023 will be a BETA round of The Clairs. This will be the last live teaching round that will take place for a year. All future rounds will be pre-recorded and 6 months long. This is a BETA round because YOU will be helping me perfect the teachings for the next rounds. 


Can I get a refund if I don’t want to continue forward?

There will be no refunds or cancellations granted once the program has started. If you have further questions on the program, please feel free to contact Melynda at

“The experience was transformational & even a day later more downloads appeared. I feel safer in my body, more connected to myself, and more compassion for myself. Melynda has a pure, kind, supportive energy. You can tell she feels connected and called to do this work” Diana
“Melynda has an incredible way of guiding you to the exact point within yourself, where you are blocking prosperity and expansion. She is so gentle and loving, yet fierce and precise. As an intuitive myself. I am very cautious of who I work with and who I allow into my energy field. Melynda offers so much expertise in the world of Ascension, healing, and intuition that I am able to not only receive her gift, but learn from her each time” Nathaly

“Working with Melynda is activating. She teaches you how to bring a level of awareness to your intention that is valuable, insightful, and visionary. I love working with Melynda because she is genuine in her expression. She guides you through a very powerful experience”


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Special Pricing Plan

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