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Have you wanted to step deeper into your intuitive gifts so you can deliver channeled messages to your clients, but worry you are not qualified to do so? 


Are you the person who channels in every session without even trying, and at the end of the day you are completely tapped out, and have nothing else to give? 


Do you dream of having a life of expansion and freedom, but your emotions always seem to pull you down into doubt?


Do you have an inner knowing that you are here to use your voice to create a legacy in the world, but you hold back for fear of judgment? 


Have you been previously rejected for being “weird” or “too sensitive” or have you felt forced to become someone else in order to be accepted and create abundance in your life? 


Are you afraid of being called an imposter or having someone else doubt your innate abilities? 


Do you want to feel safe in your own body and confident in your discernment, so that you will no longer feel the need to take on your clients’ energy and feelings to support them?


Do you dream of having a community of like minded people that are on the same timeline as you? 


Do you have an inner knowing that a past timeline is still holding you back from living a life your soul’s desires?

Do you want exclusive guidance to access your Clairs, learn the  Universal Law of alchemy, and leap into your highest timeline?

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You do not need to meditate for hours on end or take a year long voyage deep in the mountains to be able to access your higher self and use your intuitive gifts.

You can learn how to access your gifts immediately. And you can begin applying the concepts in your sessions as soon as you feel ready.




This is not your basic psychic development course, The CLAIRS deepens your trust within yourself. 


In this live program, you will learn how to: 


Move through your emotional process, so that you can understand your clients better than they can understand themselves


Learn how to be an energetic master, so that you can finally understand what it means to calibrate to higher frequencies to create the life you desire


Become your true self: A DIVINE SOUL gifted with your beautiful body & tools called the Clairs to help you navigate the human journey,  and to remember your connection to the Universal Consciousness.

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16 Live group calls via zoom

90-120 minutes

Q & A with each call

The  start date TBA


If you are unable to attend live, you will have access to all the replays. I highly recommend you to attend live to participate in the exercises and practices. 


You will have access to the replays for the year 2022.


There will be 2 Akashic Record Journeys, 3 Clair Attunements, & Integration weeks. 


Facebook community for questions, feedback, and shares.


Additional Bonuses to help support you in your journey

FREE 4 month membership to Nurture the Witch Wound


The days of believing only “chosen people” can have psychic gifts and emotional clarity are behind you. 


It is time to stop doubting and it is time to start believing in yourself


Your voice is needed


You are a lighthouse and the world is in darkness right now 


You don’t have those big dreams because its just your vivid imagination 


Accessing your innate ancient technology is what your soul is waiting for


The world  is waiting for you 


Learning how to alchemize energy and move your emotions is your birthright


You are not just a human


You are also divine


You have access to the Divine Universal Intelligence

Hi I’m Melynda! I’m a Spiritual Guide for spiritual entrepreneurs, Akashic Record Healer, and RN, MSN in Clinical Nurse Leadership. I help you awaken your Clairs, move through your emotional process with ease, and step into the highest version of yourself. 

I wasn’t always so intuitive, in fact I suppressed and denied my gifts for many years. My gifts started to develop when I had children, and I would confuse them with my many years of depression and anxiety. 


As I started working with sick patients in the hospital, I started to feel their energy and their blockages. I went on to study Shamanism & my ancestors continued to push me further in working with nature and the elements. 


I slowly started to access and develop my Clairs. At the same time experiencing human life and the different challenges it brought me. I continued to understand myself deeper and deeper, and started to face my fears of feeling emotions. In the process, completely healing and loving myself. 


My intention is to empower women to take back their divine gifts and utilize them for the good of humanity. I truly believe that the way you can change the world and bring peace, is to change yourself and be the highest aspect of your human self. Once you bring peace to your world and own it, you are creating the New Earth externally.





I already feel connected to 1 or 2 of my gifts. Is this program still for me?

Yes this program is for everyone that wants to strengthen their Clairs regardless if you have access to your vision, hearing, feeling, or sensing. There are 11 Clairs in total and we are going to be learning and practicing how to use ALL of them.


Will this help me in my business?

YES! You will have live interaction and practice to utilize your gifts in this container. So that you feel confident in your ability to practice it in real time in your business.


Are you offering a payment plan?

YES! Payment plans are available. You will find the payment options when you click to enroll.


Do I need to have access to any of my Clairs to be able to participate or do the Akashic Record Journeys?

NO! Even if this is the beginning of your journey, that is perfect. You will strengthen your gifts as you go.


What if I don’t have time to come to the live calls?

Obviously, I prefer you to attend live to practice and be in the energy of the group. You will have access to all the replays and will be able to do it on your own time as well.


Can I get a refund if I don’t want to continue forward?

This program will be taught live, there will be no refunds or cancellations granted. If you have further questions on the program, please feel free to contact Melynda at

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“Melynda is a true cosmic mother, she feels so safe and loving in her space & I am so grateful. I feel more confident and feel like I have matured many lifetimes. I feel so much stronger and no longer afraid to be in my power, and to share more of myself” Jindi

“I’ve been sitting on my own little cloud next to the sun, my heart is emitting with gratitude and I feel unbelievably light. I knew this course would open my eyes, but it has truly changed my life. The wall that was blocking my path has collapsed and I feel invincible”

“I have a closer relationship with my higher self now, and the Akashic Record meditations helped me develop my clear seeing and knowing more. I got super clear visions and insights. I was able to let go of so much old trauma, from past lives. Melynda’s meditations are super powerful, every single time!”

“The experience was transformational & even a day later more downloads appeared. I feel safer in my body, more connected to myself, and more compassion for myself. Melynda has a pure, kind, supportive energy. You can tell she feels connected and called to do this work” Diana

“Melynda has an incredible way of guiding you to the exact point within yourself, where you are blocking prosperity and expansion. She is so gentle and loving, yet fierce and precise. As an intuitive myself. I am very cautious of who I work with and who I allow into my energy field. Melynda offers so much expertise in the world of Ascension, healing, and intuition that I am able to not only receive her gift, but learn from her each time” Nathaly

“Working with Melynda is activating. She teaches you how to bring a level of awareness to your intention that is valuable, insightful, and visionary. I love working with Melynda because she is genuine in her expression. She guides you through a very powerful experience”


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