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AccESS your  SouL'S gifTS and rEcEivE More wEalTH

I know you have moved through many deep layers, but yet you still do not feel like you are close to having the business your heart most desires


I know you have done the work- reflecting, journaling, affirmations, many nights praying and releasing with the moon, but still you have not experienced sustainability in your business or life. 


I get it! It’s frustrating.


Some days you believe you just are not cut out for this manifestation juju. 


Some days you fall into the trap of believing that maybe you did something wrong.


You have done nothing wrong, QUEEN!


You are human and experiencing this earthly life full of emotions and densities. 


The most important piece to your puzzle, you believe you got yourself into this mess, BUT I am here to tell you. 


YOU are also the answer to move through this powerfully!


You see you not only are human, but divine! 


And you just haven’t learned how to alchemize energy and emotions. 


You haven’t been fully activated, so you can honor your inner light, and be able to hold the many frequencies of light moving through you.

Your Soul gifTS and ThE lifE you dESire iS waiting for you.
Are you ready to receive them?

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the CLAIRS academy: psychic embodiment certification

The Clairs Academy is a comprehensive program for  spiritual growth and business development, designed to help you master your lifestyle, care for your channel, and communicate with energies.

Level 1 Psychic Embodiment certification is re-enrolling Summer 2024.

Level 2 Akashic Journey certification coming SOON

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nurture the witch wound membership

A monthly membership to deeply heal, support, & nurture your witch wound so you become the Clairbundant Queen!

Each Month: You will receive a mini teaching around alchemizing energy, timeline shifting, or co-creation process. ​

What is included:

  • 1 Akashic Record Witch Wound healing journey per month

  • FB community for support

  • Access to The Vault 30+ meditations and EFT tappings

  • Foundational videos: Witch Wounds, Clairbundant Queen archetype, and Process to move through and alchemize emotions & shadows. 


6 month 1:1 container

Step into the transformative world of Clairbundance, a 1:1 container designed exclusively for spiritual entrepreneurs seeking. 


 We will embark on a journey of self-discovery, aligning with your soul's purpose and deepening your connection to the universe.


Through personalized guidance, intuitive coaching, hypnotic tracks, akashic record healings, and transformative practices, you will cultivate a state of Clairbundance.

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The Vault
4 month healing experience

Embark on a profound healing journey with The Vault, a 4-month 1:1 program designed specifically for entrepreneurs, healers, and service providers.


Each month, you will experience a deep healing Akashic Record session, unlocking the wisdom and guidance of your soul to release energetic blocks and align with your highest potential.


With the added support of Voxer access, you'll have ongoing guidance and assistance as you navigate your transformational journey towards healing, expansion, and empowerment.


Hypnotic Bundle (1).png

1 on 1

 Clairbundance Akashic Record Reading and Clearing session, we will delve into the depths of your soul's records to find your soul origin and gifts, clear any energetic blocks, and align with your soul's blueprint. 

Upgrade 1 month intensive 


Melynda is a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Akashic Record Healer, RN, MSN in Clinical Leadership, and an intuitive.


Melynda’s passion is to help entrepreneurs unlock their intuitive gifts & expand their consciousness, so that they can live the highest version of themselves. 


Melynda is an open channel to the light frequencies and loves to guide you back to your heart. 


Melynda has been studying and opening her own psychic gifts for over 20 years. She is passionate in empowering women to remember their innate wisdom, and to embody their true power.

CLAIRS Background.jpg
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