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Unveiling the Witch Wound: A Year of Magic, Sisterhood, and Empowerment

Updated: May 26, 2023

Welcome, magical souls, to our blog post celebrating the culmination of an extraordinary journey within the Nurture the Witch membership. It's time to reflect on a year filled with enchantment, growth, and the power of sisterhood. Join us as we unveil the transformative essence of the Witch Wound and its profound impact on our lives.

A Divine Sisterhood:

At the beginning of our journey, we connected with the Ascended Masters Ancestrials through Heather Smith Transchannel. The Ascended Masters Ancestrial are an awe-inspiring sisterhood of 13 celestial beings. They incarnated as women during the Witch Trials and were all persecuted.

Their channeled wisdom and guidance illuminated our path, revealing the ancient story of the Witch Wound ingrained within the collective Akashic Records. Together, we recognized the strength and magic that arises from the sisterhood and harnessed its energy to initiate profound healing and empowerment.

Alchemy of the Soul:

Within the nurturing embrace of the membership, we embarked on a soul-altering alchemical process. Our souls' libraries became the sacred spaces for transformation, as we shed old wounds and rewrote the narratives that limited us. Each month we called forth an archetype of the WITCH.

The Ascended Masters Ancestrials lovingly supported our journey, empowering us to embrace the healing power of sisterhood. In this alchemical dance, we discovered the true essence of our individual magic and witnessed its exponential growth when amplified through collective unity.

"Once a woman has done the work of remembering herself, she is much more able to change the world effectively." – Vicki Noble

Carrying Forward a Legacy:

The Ascended Masters Ancestrials shared a profound truth: we carry their legacy within us. It is now our responsibility to complete the work they initiated, to share their wisdom, and to radiate healing and empowerment. The magic we seek resides deep within the core of our being, waiting to be awakened. Through visualization and intentional practice, we learned to tap into this inner wellspring of power, channeling it to heal ourselves and others.

Integration and Empowerment:

As we bid farewell to the Nurture the Witch membership, our souls are called to integrate the lessons and experiences we've gathered. We are part of an expansive sisterhood, a potent force of change in the world. Let the transformation and empowerment we've witnessed within ourselves become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. Embody your magic, share your wisdom, and let healing and empowerment radiate from your very core.

Our very first journey in Nurture the Witch membership

Nurture the Witch has been a sacred haven, where we have grown, discovered our true selves, and connected with the ancient story of the Witch Wound. The Ascended Masters Ancestrials have guided us to unveil the depths of our magic, harness the power of sisterhood, and heal not only ourselves but also the world around us. As we move forward, let us honor this transformative journey by living authentically, embracing our magic, and nurturing the witch within us.

Together, we have the power to create a world where healing, empowerment, and transformative magic are woven into the very fabric of our existence.


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