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Embracing Self-Respect: My Journey to Shifting Emotions and Energy


We've all been there – faced with situations where we feel the weight of disrespect pressing down on our shoulders. For me, it was a moment that sparked a profound transformation in the way I perceived myself, my work, and the boundaries I needed to set. I want to take you on a journey through my personal experience, one that led me to a place of empowerment, self-respect, and a renewed sense of purpose.

The Turning Point: A Moment of Revelation

Last week, I found myself sitting outside, basking in the warmth of the sun, as my children played joyfully in their little pool which was filled with blessed herbs and tinctures. We took this time to engage in a profound act of self-care.

Little did I know that this serene moment would mark the beginning of a profound transformation in my life.

As I sat there, feeling the sun's gentle embrace and absorbing the wisdom of a collective guide I called upon, something within me began to shift. It was as if the universe had whispered a long-forgotten truth into my heart.

In that instant, I connected the dots between the emotions I was wrestling with and the deep-seated resentment I had harbored for years.

(I will share with you the exercise I did to shift these emotions in the very end).

For far too long, I had carried a heavy burden of resentment. I resented a society that had often pressured me to conform to traditional notions of femininity and expected me to be more "lady-like." I resented those who had reduced me to a mere object of beauty, rather than acknowledging my intelligence, talents, and aspirations.

One particularly piercing memory resurfaced from the depths of my consciousness. I recalled a conversation with a young man when I was around 17.

He callously remarked, "Melynda, you have nothing to offer anyone besides your beauty."

Those words had cut deep, leaving a lasting scar on my self-esteem. In response to that hurtful comment, I embarked on a 13-year journey to prove something – not to him, but to myself.

I pursued a rigorous educational path, earning my master's degree, not just to demonstrate my intelligence to the world, but to convince myself that I was indeed worthy of respect and recognition beyond my appearance.

In the midst of that sunlit moment by the pool, I realized something profoundly beautiful. The individuals who showed no regard for my services and time were not my people. They were not aligned with my values, my self-worth, or my purpose.

The lesson I gleaned from this epiphany was one of liberation and empowerment.

I understood that I didn't need to validate my worth to those who couldn't see it. My journey was not about proving my value to anyone else; it was about recognizing and embracing my own inherent worthiness. It was about stepping into my authenticity, unapologetically embracing both my beauty and my intelligence, and setting firm boundaries that reflected my self-respect.

Conclusion: Alchemizing Emotions and Rediscovering Self-Respect

In the end, my journey from resentment to self-respect has been a transformative one. It's a journey that continues every day as I reaffirm my commitment to valuing myself and my work.

I've learned that setting boundaries is an act of self-love, not selfishness. I've discovered the power of self-care and the importance of surrounding myself with those who uplift and respect me.

But the most profound moment of my transformation came when I decided to alchemize my emotions. This is exactly what my soul came here to do and teach others.

It was a moment of surrender, of calling upon a collective guide, and saying, "I see why I feel this frustration and resentment, but I no longer choose to carry these burdens. Help me shift this energy."

In that moment, something remarkable happened. I had a book next to me, and I turned to Chapter 5. The words on that page were like a divine message: "Connect with soul by breathing calmly for a few times. Picture the solar light and fill yourself up with light. Let it assist you in calming your emotions and clearing your mind" It was as if the universe was speaking directly to me, guiding me toward the path of healing and transformation.

In Chapter 5, I embarked on a journey to the soul plane to meet my soul and the enlightened ones. There, I was ready to alchemize these emotions. I received wisdom beyond words, and I made a conscious choice. I decided that I did not need to hold onto these patterns of wounding in my soul, in my emotional, mental, or physical bodies. I ventured into the soul plane to connect with my soul and allow my team to alchemize all the emotions connected to these patterns. It was a beautiful and freeing experience. In that sacred space, I felt a profound sense of love, peace, and light. I was filled with gratitude for the women who had reminded me of my mission, even if they had overstepped my boundaries. Their actions pushed me to ensure that I was still honoring and respecting my own boundaries and self.

This journey has shown me over and over that it's possible to experience deep anger and hurt and, within a few days, alchemize those emotions and extract the valuable lessons they carry. It's a testament to our capacity for growth and transformation when we confront our emotions head-on and choose the path of healing and self-respect.

So, if you find yourself in a place of emotional turmoil, remember that you possess the power to alchemize those emotions and emerge stronger, wiser, and more self-respecting on the other side. May my story inspire you on your own journey of transformation and self-discovery.

Your emotions and how you feel are not who you truly are. They are a very profound experience, but it's temporary. Well unless you choose to hold the stories in your mind, then it becomes a belief, and an imprint in your field.

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