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Uncover the PATTERN that keeps replaying in your timeline & holding you back from your highest potential.

Akashic Record Healing & Intuitive Coaching Session- $350

"You are here to learn to be human, to work with your ego self, untangle your karmic imprints, and embody your highest timeline". 
  • Discover the large pattern your soul came here to experience 
  • Uncover when this pattern was created & see the events it has touched over your life
  • When you start to clear your entanglements, you start to anchor in more of your higher consciousness
  • Harmonize your energetic centers & anchor into your body
  • You will experience your higher self 
On your journey to your soul's records, I will take you the Quantum Field frequency. This is the level of pure creation. The possibilities for your creations and growth become limitless and more available to you in this higher level of frequency. 
Let's RECLAIM your power!
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