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Attention spiritual women, entrepreneurs, and healers!

Before you scoff at the word WITCH, I want you to open your heart to her.

Have you ever wondered why you are intrigued by her?

Have you ever wondered why she scares you? 


There is a part of you that KNOWS the truth! Your soul remembers her. 


She is the part of you that heals. 

She is the part of you that is connected. 

Connected to her body. 

Connected to her soul. 

Connected to her roots. 

Connected to her rage. 

Connected to her magic.


She is nothing to be feared! 


You see she was only deemed a threat because she is a woman full of passion on the pursuit to fulfill her life's mission with a deep acceptance of her intense emotions, while confidently standing in her masculine presence, and holding her feminine nature within her heart. 


That is something to be feared!

We will come together in circle and go on 3 different Akashic Record journeys. This will all take place via zoom, and you will also have access to a private Facebook community for the entire month of November to create community, to process your emotions, to share your visions, and to soundboard anything that is wanting to be moved through you. 

November 1 at 6 PM PST You will meet the WITCH. Who is she? How is she showing up in your life, and what is she wanting you to know. 

November 8 at 6 PM PST You will go on a journey to connect to a past life of a witch, where your physical body still holds her anger and pain. You will have an opportunity to redeem her and create safety in your body to alchemize that pain. 

November 15 at 6 PM PST You will go on a journey to connect to a past life of a witch, and learn about her magical gifts. She will pass your soul gift over to you. 

Awaken Your Witch and become the woman you know you are destined to be!
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