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to Healing your Witch Wound

Are you an intuitive, spiritual woman ready to awaken your healing gifts and reclaim your power?


The Healing the Witch Wound Workbook is here to guide you on this transformative journey.

Sometimes when you awaken the light within you, it comes with a lot of discomfort, overwhelming sensations, and irrational fears. 

Healing the Witch Wound Workbook is a comprehensive guide designed to help you understand and heal the deep, intergenerational traumas known as the Witch Wound.

You will receive guidance on:

  • Understanding the origins of the Witch Wound

  • Engaging in powerful healing rituals & self reflection prompts

  • Reflecting deeply to uncover your wounds and gain insights into your experiences

  • Cleanse heavy energy & create your own personal ritual

Melynda Pic.jpg

I'm Melynda

The Psychic Nurse

With years of experience helping women awaken their psychic gifts and heal their Witch Wounds, I have developed a unique approach that combines powerful Akashic Record healing journeys that heal multidimensionally and awakens your gifts naturally. 

I have learned the importance in bringing self-safety in my own healing and awakening journey. 

With 13 years of experience as an acute care nurse, I have learned how to manage and transform energy in this intense environment. 

I want to share everything with you, to help you in your human journey. 

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