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The Clairs Academy: Psychic Embodiment

  • 78Weeks


The Clairs Academy is a comprehensive 12-month program that offers a Psychic Embodiment Certification at level 1. Unlike basic psychic development courses, The Clairs Academy focuses on deepening your trust within yourself and grounding you in the physical world. The program believes that true spiritual mastery begins with self-mastery and is guided by core values of integrity, self-honor, creating safe spaces, and embracing humanity. The course covers important aspects such as understanding emotional processes to gain deeper insights into clients, becoming an energetic master to calibrate to higher frequencies and access the Akashic Records, & embracing psychic embodiment to channel innate gifts with integrity. The program offers a combination of live and pre-recorded modules, allowing participants to access the course materials 24/7 at their own convenience. Hands-on practice, Akashic Record journeys for healing past timelines and ancestral wounds, quarterly attunements to open up the energetic body to more light, and Q&A sessions to address any questions that arise during the process. This program aims to quantum leap individuals into embodying their highest selves and using their psychic gifts to make a positive impact in their own lives and the lives of others.






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