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Attention spiritual women, coaches, entrepreneurs, and healers!

If you are a self led & committed to expanding yourself in creating an abundant life, & ready to SHIFT those patterns within your unconscious mind, body, and soul to feel completely SAFE & limitless in creating

15-20-30k months &/ or tapping into your psychic gifts. 

There truly is NO blocks!


Yes, I said it. The only thing blocking you is the set of beliefs that you are unconsciously agreeing with. 

It is time to break those chains!

In this bundle, we will access the quantum field to help your healing on all timelines and dimensions. You will start to reprogram the beliefs YOU, the powerful Goddess chooses. 

What is included: 

  • 45 minute Consultation
  • Hypnotic track
  • 60 minute Akashic Record healing session
  • 6 weeks of Voxer Support
$1000 for the Clairbundance Hypnotic Bundle
(original price $1800)
If you are desiring a higher level of support with your hypnotic bundle. 

I call you forward into CLAIRBUNDANCE.

This is an intimate 6 month container for the entrepreneur who wants to unlock their innate power to create & hold more abundance.

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