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Introducing the Clairbundance Hypnotic Bundle: Unlock Your Innate Power for Abundance

Attention spiritual women, coaches, entrepreneurs, and healers!

Are you ready to break free from the blocks holding you back and tap into your limitless potential? If you're committed to expanding yourself and creating an abundant life, then the Clairbundance Hypnotic Bundle is here to support your journey.

Release Unconscious Beliefs and Create Abundance

It's time to shatter the chains of limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your full potential. The only thing blocking you is the set of beliefs that you unconsciously agree with. But with the power of this bundle, you can break free and create the abundant life you desire.

In this transformative bundle, we will access the quantum field to facilitate healing on all timelines and dimensions. You will embark on a journey of reprogramming the beliefs that no longer serve you, empowering yourself as the powerful Goddess that you are.

What's Included in the Clairbundance Hypnotic Bundle:

  1. 45-Minute Consultation: We will dive deep into your goals, desires, and the blocks you're ready to release. This consultation will set the foundation for your transformative journey.

  2. Hypnotic Track: Receive a powerful hypnotic track that will guide you into a state of deep relaxation and reprogramming. This track is designed to support your subconscious mind in embracing new empowering beliefs.

  3. 60-Minute Akashic Record Healing Session: Access the wisdom of the Akashic Records to clear energetic blockages, gain clarity, and align with your soul's purpose. This session will bring deep healing and transformation.

  4. 4 Weeks of Voxer Support: Throughout the duration of the bundle, you will have direct access to me via Voxer, a voice messaging app. This support will provide guidance, accountability, and a space for you to share your experiences and receive personalized feedback.

  5. Investment: $1900 for the Clairbundance Hypnotic Bundle

If you're seeking a higher level of support and a deeper transformation, I invite you to step into Clairbundance. This is an intimate 6-month container designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to unlock their innate power and create and hold more abundance.
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